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Education is more than just teaching. Working closely with parents to ensure a good education for a child is also essential. This is where the communication app SchoolFox comes into play.

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Our principles:

The education system is just as diverse as the people who work in it. That’s why we at SchoolFox guide large school holders through everyday education just as well as small schools and individual institutions, because we work according to five principles.

Our features

“(…) SchoolFox has helped us to save time and ensure that important information always arrives. We are delighted with this solution!”

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Smarties have it easy

Everyday education requires full concentration and the administrative workload is becoming ever greater. We at SchoolFox have therefore developed helpful functions that free your mind for teaching again.

With SchoolFox, you can bundle all school communication on a single platform. Whether in school chats or digital messages, together we simplify the exchange of information with parents or within the teaching staff. So everyone only gets the information they really need. The read confirmation ensures transparent communication between parents and teachers.

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SchoolFox helps you to organize consultation days more efficiently, ensure that celebrations run smoothly and manage absences clearly. The digital class register provides you with smart support for your students’ learning journeys and exchanges with parents and guardians.

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We know how important communication between parents and teachers is. That’s why we want to remove a few stumbling blocks so that everyone in the education sector can understand each other better. Thanks to the integrated translation function, messages are translated into over 46 languages. You can use the app itself in 26 system languages. And all without lengthy training, intuitively and naturally.

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We support you with digitalisation in the classroom with video conferencing for the whole class, moderated chats, GDPR-compliant cloud storage and much more.

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With FoxPay, there’s one place for all mice. Because the class register is like the blackboard: it has been a reliable part of school for decades. Now there are better solutions. You can find more information at FoxPay.

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How school communication becomes simple

From the message booklet to the notification bar – SchoolFox practically bundles all your communication channels into one app.

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FoxPay – More future, cashless

Copying fees, school milk, costs for textbooks, excursions, and craft materials: Money also rules the school world. It’s challenging to keep track of it all. Whose amount is still missing, who paid in cash, and who paid by bank transfer? It’s a chaotic situation.

Thanks to FoxPay, order is brought to the chaos.

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What exactly is FoxPay?

“… The application (SchoolFox) not only saves a considerable amount of time, but also proves to be a groundbreaking innovation, especially in this day and age.”

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From Vienna with Love: We have licence options for every budget. Furry promise!

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When taking the step towards digital communication in our city’s schools, it was particularly important to us to cater to the needs and wishes of the schools. SchoolFox was the unanimous choice, as the app is precisely tailored to the needs of schools.

The digital portfolio makes organisation within a class much easier.
All files relating to the pupil are always quickly to hand, which is particularly helpful on parents’ consultation days.
We are in the digital age and you have to adapt and take the first steps.

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