The portfolio that remains clearly structured

Say goodbye to “Where was that again?”.
Because where in analog portfolios you lose the overview with time, in digital portfolios you keep the overview.

Portfolio work in a new dimension

Portfolios offer the possibility to record pupils’ learning progress and creativity in different forms.

Analogue portfolios do a good job here. They collect creative works made of paper, crayons and other materials. These tactile experiences are important for students to learn and grow. We do not want to replace them.

But growth does not only take place on paper. Linguistic-motor development is just as important. This is what digital portfolios capture in an exciting, interactive way! Because they can keep spoken poems, presentations without errs or behind-the-scenes videos of school performances.
This opens up whole new possibilities!

Advantages of portfolio work for teachers in schools

Helps to
reflect on
one’s own work

Strengthens relationship with the child,
as it gets more focused attention

Helps to document
learning progress

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The FoxPortfolio unfolds its full potential in combination with the specially developed companion app Foxi.

Learning re-thought – with FoxPortfolio

Not all pupils show their strengths on paper – our digital FoxPortfolio allows for more versatile tasks and helps to record a complete picture of learning progress. Pawsome, right?

Thanks to clearly arranged folders, creative works of all kinds can be collected easily – even if there is no paper involved. Saves nerves and the environment.

All collected files can easily be shared with parents. They thus get to know their child outside the family environment and gain a new perspective. They see what their child is interested in and can support it more specifically at home.

Specific support not only increases knowledge, but also self-confidence. Because the children can see their own learning progress and how far they have come. And with Foxi, children not only gain more self-confidence, but also more self-determination. More information below!

The digital FoxPortfolio eases the organisation within a class enormously.
All files concerning the student are always quickly at hand, which is especially helpful on parent-teacher conferences.

Kerstin Oswald

Teacher, integrated school Sonnenklee, Osterwieck, SA, Germany

See how FoxPortfolio and Foxi work

The easy-to-use companion app Foxi brings the children’s point of view to the fore and simplifies the data protection-compliant involvement of parents in their children’s learning progress.

Our expert Andrea Thenner (MEd) explains the digital FoxPortfolio and the companion app Foxi.

Enjoy watching!

The Creative directors of daycare centres

Capturing children’s creativity is good. But if children can capture creative things themselves, that’s better. That’s exactly what Foxi, our companion app for KidsFox, makes possible. It allows children to capture their own work and gives them full creative self-determination.

What is Foxi?

Foxi enables children to record their own work and upload it to the FoxPortfolio. The children can choose between photo, video or voice recording.

The user interface is easy to understand thanks to simple pictograms and can be used even without writing and reading skills.

What does Foxi do at school?

Foxi enables students to experience a great deal of self-determination at a young age. Because everywhere pupils learn through the creative process. But with Foxi, a meta-level is also included – because reflections have to be made on keeping and designing a portfolio themselves. This trains self-reflection – an important skill for one’s own growth.

FoxPortfolio without the Foxi app is like summer holidays without an outdoor swimming pool. Download the app free of charge and discover how easy it is to use!

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