Yes, children can

Capturing a child’s creativity is good. But what if children could capture creative things themselves? That’s exactly what Foxi is for!

Be creative in front of AND behind the camera

Some children can play to their strengths with paper and pencils. For others, doodles play only a secondary role – they develop their full potential when they are in the spotlight of the stage. Foxi lets children appear in the best light, whether they are in front of or behind the camera.

One of your children is
a modelling clay artist?
Take a picture before it crumbles!

Someone’s rocking the guitar?
Just record it and show the progress over the year.

The children are staging a play?
Roll the film to relive the premiere!

Seeing the world through children’s eyes

Foxi puts the children’s point of view in the foreground. The companion app for KidsFox and SchoolFox lets children (and of course educators) make their own pictures, videos or voice recordings. These are then easily saved in the FoxPortfolio and can be shared with parents in a DSGVO-compliant manner.

The companion app promotes children’s independence because they can live out their childlike creativity and try things out freely. In addition, media competence is promoted as creative activities can be recorded with images, videos and audio files. In this way, linguistic and motoric developments can be documented. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, all this works without literacy skills.

The companion app helps educators document and reflect on their work. Learning progress is captured in a more structured way and the focuses more on the children’s development. This development can then be easily shared in a GDPR-compliant way with parents or other educational institutions using the FoxPortfolio.

German only: See how FoxPortfolio and Foxi work

The easy-to-use companion app Foxi brings the children’s point of view to the fore and simplifies the data protection-compliant involvement of parents in their children’s learning progress.

Our expert Andrea Thenner (MEd) explains the digital FoxPortfolio and the companion app Foxi.

Enjoy watching!

Foxi can ONLY be used with KidsFox or SchoolFox

Foxi is a companion app for KidsFox and SchoolFox and can NOT be used independently. A licence for KidsFox or SchoolFox is required.

How Foxi works – step by step

Educators/teachers distribute QR codes to the children/pupils

Children open Foxi and scan the QR code

Children choose the photo, video or audio option

Here we go: children/pupils take photos, videos or record audio files.

Educators/teachers confirm the content and release it to parents

Yay! Everything is secured in the FoxPortfolio

Test Foxi and the FoxPortfolio

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