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Not only is SchoolFox one of the most popular and comprehensive communication apps for schools, but due to its many additional features it is also a helpful companion for all your organisational and admin tasks.

The digital toolbox for your classroom

SchoolFox is suitable for all types of schools and for all school levels, be it primary schools, middle schools or high schools and grammar schools.
In addition to simplified parent communication that adapts to a wide variety of needs, the platforms offers numerous other features which will make your day-to-day tasks much easier. Discover features such as our digital class register, digital parent-teacher day organisation, cloud-storage and many more, and you won’t be able to imagine school life without SchoolFox.

Simple School Communication

Enough with mixing email, WhatsApp and letters – SchoolFox channels all means of school communication into just one app! Whether you need share information or communicate with colleagues or pupils: SchoolFox offers an intuitive and easy way into the world of digital school communication.

Organisation & Digital Assistant

SchoolFox is your reliable companion for managing your everyday school life. Its many helpful features will allow you to reduce your admin workload and focus on what’s really important: teaching.

Data security & privacy

Your data is safe with us. We use GDPR-conform servers based in the EU and protect all your messages, stored documents as well as personal information and privacy.

Intuitive utilisation in over 40 languages

SchoolFox brings teachers, parents and pupils closer together. Thanks to the app’s simple structure and built-in multilingualism, families can participate more actively in their child’s school day – strengthening the integration of all pupils in the class community.

School cloud & virtual classes

We facilitate modern teaching methods by providing cloud-based storage, homework upload and integrated video calls.

Facilitated administration for school boards & holder institutions

We work with many diverse institutions, each with its own unique structure, internal regulations and sets of needs. Amongst them are public school boards, religious and healthcare institutions.  Thanks to our longstanding partnerships we are highly experienced when it comes to supporting different requirements and adapting our offering to individual institutions.

Our team would be happy to talk to you personally in order to find a solution that conforms with the unique requirements of your institution.

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“Thanks to the reading confirmation by parents, teachers know that important messages have been taken note of.
The administrative effort is significantly reduced by the various features, such as the practical surveys.”

Jasmin Watzlawek, Head of the after-school care centre Wattens, Austria

“Sending information and notices to parents without having to print is one of the most appreciated SchoolFox features in our teacher’s room. Teachers can easily organise parent-teacher conferences or surveys, even with non-German-speaking parents. The built-in translation function can translate into many languages, including Russian and Ukrainian, which are particularly important at the moment.”

Erich Kästner, Primary School Wegberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

“SchoolFox is a great tool that can be used to easily send targeted messages and schedule appointments, such as parent meetings, with less effort than traditional methods. In today’s world, being able to contact families digitally and in a timely manner on a variety of topics is a must. SchoolFox meets these requirements in full thanks to different forms of messaging and freely definable response types.”

Corinne Schafroth, SCHU::COM, City of Winterthur, Switzerland
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