Simple School Communication

Enough with mixing email, WhatsApp and letters – SchoolFox channels all means of school communication into just one app! Whether you need share information or communicate with colleagues or pupils: SchoolFox offers an intuitive and easy way into the world of digital school communication.

SchoolFox as communication tool

SchoolFox improves the communication between teachers and families, and allows parents to get more involved in their kids’ school life.

These little helpers will smoothen communication in your school

Easy one-to-one or group conversations

Inform parents in one-to-one conversations with relevant info about their child, or create group discussions with parent groups. You can choose to message parents of single classes or several classes at once.

Messages with confirmation

With SchoolFox you can reliably communicate with parents and be sure your messages are being read. You can demand a confirmation for every sent message (including text, dates, appointments). This confirmation contains name, time and date of confirmation and – if required – a digital signature (FoxSign). You can also give parents the option to reply to the message.

School-wide chats

The SchoolFox chat feature makes it possible to exchange information in a more relaxed and informal way. Teachers can connect with colleagues or parents, parents can converse with each other, for example within parent association groups.

This allows you to combine our SchoolFox security standards – no exchange of personal telephone numbers, message notifications only at desired times – with the practical aspects of common chat platforms.

Translate to 40 languages

Use our translation feature to overcome any language barriers in school. Parents/guardians and teachers can set their preferred language, so incoming messages can be translated with only one click. This helps avoid misunderstandings and allows parents/guardians to communicate their needs or feedback in their mother tongue. This feature is available for 40 languages and the app itself can be used in 24 different languages.

In case of emergencies

Important messages such as illness or accidents can be sent as emergency messages, which means parents/guardians receive the info via app and additionally via SMS.

Take a look for yourself!

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The licence to bill

From Vienna with Love: We have licence options for every budget. Furry promise!

“Thanks to the reading confirmation by parents, teachers know that important messages have been taken note of.
The administrative effort is significantly reduced by the various features, such as the practical surveys.”

Jasmin Watzlawek, Head of the after-school care centre Wattens, Austria
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