Team up!

With TeamFox, associations and voluntary organisations can communicate with all members easily, quickly and in compliance with the GDPR.

For everyone whose club and voluntary work requires a lot of coordination

Planning and coordination are part of every club and every voluntary activity.

Who will make the spreads for next week’s club party?
On which football pitch is the match the day after tomorrow?
Where has the microphone gone?

Regardless of whether there are lots of children or mainly adults: with TeamFox you can communicate securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

With TeamFox you are choosing a proven and popular partner:

Simple & flexible
communication tools

Translate messages into 45+ languages

Collect money with FoxPay & reminder function

Surveys & more practical admin functions

The messenger that thinks for itself – developed for clubs

TeamFox is specifically designed for clubs and voluntary organisations – whether for sports or music clubs, scout groups or NGOs. This simplifies the day-to-day running of the organisation, reduces administrative work and separates private and voluntary communication.

Because every organisation has different requirements, TeamFox can also be used in a variety of ways:

Chats, checklists and surveys

Club-wide chats enable a flexible and uncomplicated exchange with members from different backgrounds. This means that everything can be discussed with the right people. But not every topic requires lengthy discussions – thanks to yes/no polls and shared checklists.

Confirm important messages with FoxSign

Some messages or documents are important. So important, in fact, that the sender would like to know whether the message has been received. That’s why FoxSign exists – to make sure that important things have really been read and taken note of.

Unites nations, overcomes language barriers

Clubs have always ensured social interaction. Nowadays, this also extends across borders and languages. Messages can be translated into more than 45 languages to ensure that all important messages are received. The app itself is available in 26 languages. This is how understanding works!

Emergency SMS: When things have to go fast

If really urgent information needs to be sent, emergency text messages can be used. This allows members to be contacted even without the Internet.

Veni, Vidi, video chats

Pictures say more than 1000 words, they say. According to this saying, a video call can provide more clarity than 1000 messages – that’s why TeamFox makes it easy to make video calls with up to 75 members to discuss information.

We use TeamFox primarily for communication with parents and will certainly not give the app away again.

TeamFox creates a great overview! Messages are sent with a title and can also be marked as completed – making it easy to find topics again. Sending messages across several age groups ensures that no information is lost during cross-level activities.

Patricia Dünser

Group leader Scouts Lustenau, Austria

In our dance studio, we manage 12 locations with a total of over 400 course participants – mainly children. In the past, organising cancellations or cancellations by phone and email was very stressful, which is why we had been looking for a suitable digital tool for some time.

We are delighted to have found the TeamFox app, which is a huge relief for us. The trainers are very happy that they no longer have to give out their private mobile phone numbers and that they can respect their working hours and weekend times thanks to the freely adjustable rest periods.

Dorothea Kremser

Head of Dance-up Sports Club, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

TeamFox can do so much more!

In addition to the communication functions, TeamFox offers numerous other practical tools that make everyday life in the club smoother:

Digital payment management helps treasurers

Even an association needs a certain amount of money to function. These amounts often vary from member to member – in addition to the membership fee, there are also individual amounts. This can make things chaotic for the financially responsible person. This is where TeamFox helps with practical payment requests and reminders.

FoxDrive – our integrated cloud storage

In FoxDrive, you can store all documents relevant to your organisation in one place and easily share them with other members.

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