Welcome to the FoxBurrow

So foxes are loners? Not at all! Get to know our Foxies, who contribute every day to making communication in education more modern. Maybe soon together with you?

Open positions

Culture & everyday life in a company

Like face-to-face teaching in school, the fixed workplace belongs in the history books. In the FoxBurrow, our shared office, the favourite place can be found anew every day.

We offer flexible working hours, home office and workation.

You generally coordinate the details directly with your Team Lead. Of course, we are most looking forward to seeing you at FoxBurrow. 🙂

We thrive on education

With individual digital learning paths and free tutoring sessions from GoStudent, you can deepen and expand your knowledge.

Foxes are loners, we Foxies are a pack.

Look forward to shared lunches, regular team events and afterworks!

Strength lies in tranquillity. And in coffee.

But not only that. We also offer tea or refreshing drinks from our FoxFridge: Makava, All I Need and much more!

Our experts on education

Click here for an overview of which Foxie has which role in the FoxBurrow.

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Be part of the FoxBurrow

Let’s work together to improve communication in education. Parents, teachers and children deserve this. Apply now and join our FoxFamily! This is how it works:

The very first test

The starting point is to check your experience and see where you could support us.

Meeting each other

This starts to look good! Now we get to know each other during an online conversation and discuss mutual expectations.

A homework assignment

For some roles, there is a small task to solve, which you present to us in a second interview. For some, there is a trial day to get to know us and our processes better.

An opportunity for a personal glimpse.

We would like to invite you to a personal interview so that we can get to know each other and you can experience FoxBurrow.

Welcome to the FoxFamily!

We will send you an individual offer and look forward to welcoming you into the pack.