Communicate clearly

It’s time to leave the nursery when it comes to digital communication and grow beyond yourself. With KidsFox.

KidsFox makes life easier for educators. And everyone else too.

Many people work together every day to make a daycare centre work. Good communication is essential – and this is exactly where KidsFox helps to make everyday life less grey and more colourful.

The start for a better overview of daycare centre activities. Finally, a central platform that can be used to reach everyone. No more undelivered emails or unanswered text messages. Everything for digital daycare centre communication from a single source.

The most important part of making KidsFox work. We want you to have more time for the essentials – the children. That’s why the app takes care of everything organisational – messages to parents, surveys, payments and any other administrative tasks that arise in everyday daycare.

They help to ensure that KidsFox is understood and used. We would like to support you in this endeavour. On the one hand with FoxHub, our platform for information material about KidsFox. On the other hand with welcome letters, where the app is explained again and the most frequently asked questions from parents are already answered. Because one paw washes the other.

Quick help – our support for IT managers does what IT managers do for daycare centres. Monday to Friday – you’re at the daycare centre, we’re there for you. Have we already mentioned the monthly updates, which are constantly being used to fix bugs and make improvements?

Everything clear?

Children in daycare centres are just learning how to communicate. It can happen that you don’t understand each other. But teachers and parents also talk past each other too often, resulting in a confusion of information. This is exactly where we can help with KidsFox: A platform that reaches and informs everyone involved.

Educators and parents can agree that children should receive the best possible education.

Whether SMS, WhatsApp or email: When different channels are used to communicate, information gets lost. Life becomes more tedious for everyone involved. This is where KidsFox comes into play to provide information in a child-friendly way.

Good communication is the key to a good relationship. And education.
More benefits that will leave you speechless:

Organising like never before

To be honest: how often does the printer not work and how many grey hairs have already appeared as a result? Too many, at least for us.
With KidsFox, you not only protect the environment, but also your nerves. Because you no longer have to print out and hand out notices – simply send them to parents via chat and have them sign them via FoxSign.

Then organise the consultation day conveniently via the app – as if we were in the year 2024. Wait, we are! Whether on the bus, at home on the couch or at daycare. Simple and straightforward thanks to KidsFox.

Put an end to the boom in paperwork.

Safer is safer

To stay on the subject of e-mail addresses or telephone numbers: With KidsFox, you don’t need to share any of this with parents. Your private data remains private. Because our app works without private data. And you can decide whether and until when you receive notifications via KidsFox.

Are you GDPR-compliant? You bet.

So that not only the PC switches off every day, but you too.
Freely customisable rest periods in the KidsFox app.

Children learn everywhere

In daycare centres, it is important to record children’s learning progress. Until now, analogue portfolios have done this – we don’t want to replace these haptic experiences. But we do want to supplement them! The digital FoxPortfolio opens up an exciting new world full of interactive ways to record learning progress in a creative and fun way. You’ll love it. Furry promise!

Enables better teaching and better learning. And a better life:

Translating becomes child’s play

Our world is becoming increasingly globalised. This is also noticeable in the daycare centre – many different languages are spoken. Teachers and parents are not always able to communicate in the same language, which can lead to misunderstandings. KidsFox has set itself the task of preventing this and passed with flying colours. Because we can translate into more than 45 languages – more than any other childcare app. Neat, isn’t it?

Lets you find the right words. In 40 languages:

What daycare centres say about us:

“We appreciate the short and uncomplicated communication solution with our parents!”
Hilfswerk Niederösterreich uses KidsFox in over 50 of its local childcare centres.

Hilfswerk Niederösterreich

“For us, the biggest advantage of KidsFox is that it enables communication with families who don’t speak German. It’s a huge relief for them and for us.”

Sigrid Horstmann

Manager of the daycare centre St. Bonfatius, Löningen

Are you a provider for several daycare centres?

Then communicate with us! We have been supporting public and private daycare centres of all sizes for many years. Even entire federal states are among our satisfied customers.

We cater to individual needs and requirements and are happy to support you step by step in setting up KidsFox.

We have summarised the benefits for you as a provider on the following page. Feel free to contact us at any time for a free consultation.

Test the app free of charge & without obligation

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Our licence for your bills

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