Intuitive utilisation in 40 languages

KidsFox brings educators, parents and students closer together as a daycare community. Thanks to the app’s simple structure and built-in multilingualism, families can participate more actively in their child’s school day – strengthening the integration of all children in the daycare group.

These features ensure that KidsFox can be used by everyone

Easy & intuitive utilisation

An intuitive user experience, clear and inclusive language and the use of clear pictograms are just some of the ways in which we make sure that our apps are easy to use and accessible for everyone. Advanced IT skills or extensive onboarding are not needed in order to plan daycare centre trips or set up surveys via KidsFox.

Automatic translations in 40 languages

Messages sent via KidsFox can be automatically translated and displayed in a total of 40 languages. Parents/guardians can set their preferred language, so incoming messages can be translated with only one click. This helps avoid misunderstandings and allows parents/guardians to communicate their needs or feedback in their mother tongue.

Available in 26 languages

Our apps are available in 26 languages, in all versions (web, Android, iOS). This ensures that even family members who do not share a common language with the educators can easily use the app.

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The licence to bill

From Vienna with Love: We have licence options for every budget. Furry promise!

“For us, the biggest advantage that KidsFox offers is that it enables communication with families who don’t speak German. It is an enormous relief – for us as well as for them.”

Sigrid Horstmann, Principal daycare center St. Bonfatius Löningen, Germany
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