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With KidsFox, we provide you with a reliable companion for the day-to-day running of your daycare centre. Reduce paperwork and organisational effort to have more time for education.

These helpful features will reduce your admin workload

Track absences

The KidsFox app can be used by parents to report their children as absent at the touch of a button and to enter the reason for absence. This not only reduces calls and spare the nerves of the daycare centre management, teachers and parents, but in particular, all absences of a group or the entire daycare centre are displayed clearly and collected without additional effort.

Organise events & consultation days

The organisation of trial days or parents’ evenings is often a great challenge, KidsFox also eases your admin workload here. All teachers enter their availability and generate time grids and dates at the touch of a button, which can be advertised centrally. Parents can see the available slots, select their desired date digitally and then receive a confirmation with a calendar entry that can be exported to their own calendar. This calendar also contains a direct link to the corresponding video room, so that parents who cannot be present for various reasons can conduct the parent meeting digitally.

Surveys with single & multiple answers

You want to know if all children in your group own a raincoat or have dietary preferences when you plan the next excursion? With just a few clicks, you can obtain important information from all parents or coordinate appointments at the daycare centre. Calendar entries and important notices are distributed securely and commitments for events are managed automatically. There is no need for tedious coordination both within the team and with the parents.

Payment reminders

The lunch money or contributions for the next excursion are due? Send a payment reminder to parents and keep track of everything without any paperwork.

Checklists with reminders

Do you sometimes lose track of the information you still need to collect from families and parents? Would you like to be able to check at a glance whether all the children have remembered to bring their gym clothes? With KidsFox’s simplified checklists, you can keep track of all the information you need. And should a gym bag not make it to the daycare centre, you can alert the parents with one click thanks to the practical reminder function.

Digital class register

Save time by using a digital class register: notes on the children’s achievements, important appointments and notes, absences can be tracked easily, all in one place.

Centralised information & coordination for holder institutions

Holder institutions have to keep track of a large number of educational institutions and their individual needs. To help you with this challenge, KidsFox offers the possibility to carry out important communication processes centrally via an app.

For example, holder institutions can share important news and updates with the admins of all day-care centres at the touch of a button, or support them with selected administrative tasks. In addition, it is possible for holder institutions to get in touch with all connected parents via their own news page and thus communicate important information to them.

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