Data security & privacy in every aspect

Protecting our users’ data and privacy is one of our core values and foundation of our products. We offer a safe European alternative to mainstream messaging platforms, so that all information relating to children’s daily school lives can be shared with peace of mind.

These data security measures ensure safe school communication

Exemplary privacy

KidsFox protects your privacy as an educator: no personal contact details have to be shared with parents and you can fully control when and how you want to be reachable. This way, all daycare centre communication can be handled exclusively via KidsFox and thus a clear separation between private and professional life is being kept.
KidsFox can only be used by entering a personal invitation code, which you share with the parents of your group. The communication options are purposefully set up so that you can share information either daycare centre -wide or within a specific group only – you retain full control over how and with whom information is shared.

Set your own quiet times

Digitising your daycare centre communication does not mean being available 24/7. Many messengers do not allow educators to switch off and pause notifications after hours or on weekends. KidsFox allows you to do just that, and thus enables better organised communication. That way we take care of educators’ rest periods and contribute to a more relaxed daycare centre ambiance.

Certified data security & EU-server

KidsFox guarantees complete GDPR-compliant handling of user data and stores it in ISO 27001 certified data centres in Germany.
Since 2019, KidsFox has continuously been awarded the “Certified Security/Trusted App” seal of approval by the independent testing institute mediaTest/APPVISORY.

Transparent data handling

Collecting and processing certain data is necessary to ensure our apps’ services. Both in our own processes and in our choice of cooperation partners, we ensure that only necessary data is collected and processed in accordance with data protection regulations.
By setting up individual contracts with each educational institution that uses one of our apps, questions regarding data processing are made transparent and clearly regulated.

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Individualised support for holder institutions

We work with many diverse institutions with unique structures, internal regulations and needs, such as public school boards, religious and healthcare institutions. Besides the regulations for schools in the European Union we are also familiar with systems outside of the EU such as the needs of Swiss institutions.

Our team would be happy to talk to you personally in order to find a solution that conforms with the unique requirements of your institution.

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The licence to bill

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“Our communication with the FoxEducation team works flawlessly. If we ever need support, the team always picks us up exactly where our IT team requires it. It is very good to know that you always have a trusted person in the background who will either take care of the task themselves or pass it on to the relevant experts.”

Petra Haas-Longitsch, Department head municipality Grödig, Austria
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