Simplified communication for your daycare centre

KidsFox simplifies communication between educators and parents and enables a secure exchange of information that keeps everyone involved.

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These little helpers will smoothen communication in your educational institution

Moderated group chats or individual conversations

The KidsFox app enables a smooth and uncomplicated exchange of information both with parents and in the day-care centre. For example, important news can be shared with entire groups of parents, information can be gathered through surveys, or have individual conversations with parent members. Sharing files or photos also becomes a breeze.

Messages with confirmation

With KidsFox, you can communicate with parents in an engaging way and ensure that your messages are read. You can have every message, whether it contains text, files or appointments, actively confirmed by the recipients.
This confirmation contains name, time stamp and – optionally – a digital, handwritten signature (FoxSign), which replaces the classic signature. If you need any further confirmation, you can activate the reply function.

Institution-wide chats

The KidsFox chat feature makes it possible to exchange information in a more relaxed and informal way. Educators can connect with colleagues or parents, parents can converse with each other, for example within parent association groups.

This allows you to combine our KidsFox security standards – no exchange of personal telephone numbers, message notifications only at desired times – with the practical aspects of common chat platforms.

Translate messages in 40 languages

Recipients can have their messages translated into their first language at the touch of a button. The translation function in 40 languages helps prevent comprehension problems and facilitates communication with parents who do not share a language with the educators.

Quick information in case of emergency

Very urgent messages, for example in the case of a weather warning or a day-care centre closure at short notice, can also be sent as emergency messages via SMS. This way, parents not only receive a message in the app and by email, but also as a prioritised SMS.

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“We use KidsFox as we appreciate the short communication channels to the families. Furthermore, it was important for us to adapt to the latest standards in digitization, meaning that contact with children and parents can be maintained relatively easily, even in times of pandemic.”

Heike Knoblach, Association for daycare and nursing care Estenfeld, Germany
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