School Cloud & Virtual Classes

New digital methods and tools in your everyday school life are here to stay. With SchoolFox you can organise parent consultation days in just a few clicks, share homework assignments digitally and organise video calls. Important document can be safely stored and shared in the FoxDrive school cloud.

Modernize your teaching work with these features

FoxDrive: Cloud storage for learning materials and hybrid learning concepts

Thanks to FoxDrive, your secure and GDPR-compliant cloud storage within the SchoolFox app, you can avoid using non-European offers from Google or Microsoft. Sort your or your students’ documents easily using the flexible folder structure; documents, photos and videos can be shared with individual students or an entire class.
FoxDrive also facilitates coordination with other teachers: meeting minutes or helpful teaching materials can be stored centrally and collaboratively edited.

Communication between teachers

SchoolFox’ video call feature is not only useful during lockdowns or quarantines, it gives you more flexibility to communicate with other teachers or external lecturers at all times.

Video lessons

Video calls can also be used for online lessons or digital project groups, which allows students to get familiar with the use of this more and more common form of communication through secure video software.

Digital Portfolio

Portfolios are about more than collecting documents. With digital tools, your pupils’ learning progress can be recorded digitally – not only with photos, but also with audio and video formats. This allows you to capture your pupils’ linguistic and motoric development.
A digital portfolio can offer a holistic view of educational processes and developmental trajectories that can be easily shared with parents and teachers from other schools.


Not all school assignments are 2D!

But now you can store them all safely in one place!

Store all your students’ achievements in one central digital portfolio with image, audio and video files. With Foxi, our companion app for KidsFox and SchoolFox, children can even curate a portfolio themselves.

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The licence to bill

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“The parents have reacted very euphorically to the app since video recordings and pictures can be shared easily with them, and they also get a better insight into their children’s day-to-day life at the day care centre.”

Dr. Matthias Völcker, Administration Jul non-profit GmbH Munich, Germany
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