Present: our SchoolFox class register

It’s time to leave the analogue class register in the drawer! The new digital SchoolFox class register is in the starting blocks to make everyday school life a little easier from the 2024/25 school year.

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How the digital class register differs from its analogue predecessor

With the digital SchoolFox class register, teachers and school administrators save time and nerves. Tedious handwritten entries are now consigned to the history books!

In the new SchoolFox class register, lessons and subject matter can be clearly recorded, and planning in advance is also possible. Additional information such as absent pupils or conspicuous behaviour can also be recorded in just a few clicks.

Entries can also be made on a mobile device: this means you don’t have to be at the school PC, but can also make entries in the class register in class, on the bus or at home.

All teachers of the respective classes can access the digital class register and edit it simultaneously if required.

In cases where some teachers do not have access to SchoolFox, the class register can be shared via a password-protected and time-limited link as required.

The class register entries can be sent digitally to the school management for confirmation. Either individually or collectively – whichever is more convenient.

Gone are the days when a class register travelled mysteriously or entries removed themselves as if by magic. Our digital class register cannot be viewed by parents or pupils – so even sensitive data is protected from prying eyes.

The class register of each class can be exported as a clear PDF file and archived in the school after the end of the school year as usual in analogue form. In this way, the digital class register is also happy to rejoin its analogue predecessor.

Compliant with regulations and officially usable

Class registers are not only kept because they are so easy to use with SchoolFox, but above all to record information from everyday school life. Our class register fulfils all the requirements of an Austrian class register, including

  • Recording of all teaching staff
  • Recording of all subjects taught
  • Dates for school work and examinations
  • Possible notes on lessons and pupils

We also fulfil many requirements from the German federal states – please contact us to clarify these in detail!

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