It is smart to use FoxApps, even more so to recommend them

For each recommended institution that starts using one of our apps, you will receive an additional discount on your licence costs.

Referral programme

More than 8,000 educational institutions are already using KidsFox and SchoolFox, smoothing communication between teachers, educators and parents.

Our average app rating of 4.7 stars as well as numerous awards and certifications show that we are not only the most popular communication app in German-speaking countries, but above all a trustworthy partner for daycare centres and schools.

We would therefore like to introduce you to our new referral programme, from which both your institution and schools and daycare centres known to you can benefit.

Do you know schools or daycare centres that are not yet familiar with our Fox apps but might be interested in them? Recommend our apps now and make it easier for these institutions to get started with an additional discount on their order.

In addition, for every recommended institution that opts for a subscription, you too will benefit from a discount on your next licence period.

Our referral programme is available for both individual institutions and holders – take a look at the respective website for all information on how to obtain the reference code, the referral process and the amount of the possible discounts.

Referral programme for individual institutions


Referral programme for holders


Information package for the new institution

To make it easier for you to recommend our apps, please feel free to share our SchoolFox or KidsFox info pack – this summarises all the benefits and functionalities of the apps at a glance.

SchoolFox info package
KidsFox info package

Do you still have questions about how our referral programme works? Contact us at, we will be happy to help you.