It is smart to use FoxApps, even more so to recommend them

As a holder organisation, you will receive an additional discount on your licence costs for each holder organisation that starts using one of our apps.

Referral programme

How does the programme work for your holder organisation?

Do you know other organisations that you would like to recommend SchoolFox or KidsFox to for their schools or daycare centres? Give them the personal reference code that you can find in your SchoolFox or KidsFox app.

The new holder organisation quotes the code when ordering and also receives a discount of €100 per organisation on its order.

The reference code is also automatically stored in our system for your holder organisation, and the discount obtained is taken into account when the licence is renewed for the next licence period.
Have you already renewed your licence? No problem, we will wait until the next renewal, the code will not expire.

The reference code applies to your entire holder organisation; schools and daycare centres belonging to your holder organisation may also pass on the code.

You are therefore welcome to share the code with colleagues as well as with the educational institutions in your holder organisation.

How do I get my personal reference code?
Each holder organisation has a personal reference code that you can retrieve via SchoolFox or KidsFox. To do this, navigate to the settings in the “Admin” section.

The reference code can be used several times.
You receive a €100 discount for each new recommended organisation and, in the best case, the next licence period is free of charge for you. For example, if a sponsoring organisation concludes a licence agreement with 5 schools thanks to your recommendation, you will receive a €500 discount on your next order.
The maximum amount of the possible discount is your current licence costs, above this amount you cannot receive a refund.

referral mock-up
Who can the reference code be passed on to?

The reference code can be passed on to other sponsoring organisations or to individual institutions belonging to sponsoring organisations.

Prerequisite: The order must be placed via a sponsoring organisation. If the code is passed on to an institution belonging to a sponsoring organisation, it should pass the information on to its sponsoring organisation or inform its FoxEducation sales contact so that we can initiate the necessary steps with the sponsoring organisation.

How to recommend SchoolFox or KidsFox to a friend

Would you like to recommend your Fox app to other organisations and reduce your licence costs?

Feel free to share our information packs and links to the free trial period so that new organisations can discover the benefits of the apps for themselves before deciding to use them.

Go to the SchoolFox app
Go to the KidsFox app

Information package for the new institution

To make it easier for you to recommend our apps, you are welcome to share our SchoolFox or KidsFox information pack – it summarises all the advantages and functionalities of the apps at a glance.

SchoolFox info package
KidsFox info package

Do you have any questions about how our referral programme works? Contact us at and we will be happy to help you.