Our learning support

Teachers of today deserve teaching methods of today. Making this possible is our mission as part of the GoStudent group. Discover our offers!

Resources for learning and teaching

Education can come with a variety of challenges, which parents and educators are facing every day. To support them in this important endeavour of helping children become confident and independent learners, FoxEducation as part of the GoStudent group aims to offer a wide range of resources and support materials.

Resources for teachers

The digital learning resources by Seneca Learning correspond to official school curricula and can support teachers in preparing lessons and homework plans.

Resources for pupils

Seneca Learning provides scientifically developed resources with playout learning styles – a child’s play for children to increase their knowledge independently.

Individual tutoring support

Tailor-made tutoring can help pupils to reach their full potential and retain subject matter long-term.

Digital Portfolio & Foxi App

Using a digital portfolio in combination with the child-friendly app Foxi allows children to independently document the results of their creative growth.

FoxPay – more future, cashless

Copying fees, school milk, costs for textbooks, excursions, and craft materials: Money also rules the school world. It’s challenging to keep track of it all. Whose amount is still missing, who paid in cash, and who paid by bank transfer? It’s a chaotic situation.

Thanks to FoxPay, order is brought to the chaos.

FoxPortfolio and Foxi – Yes, children can

Foxi puts the children’s point of view in the foreground. The companion app for KidsFox and SchoolFox lets children (and of course educators) make their own pictures, videos or voice recordings. These are then easily saved in the FoxPortfolio and can be shared with parents in a DSGVO-compliant manner.