Privacy Policy of and the SchoolFox application

Latest version: April 5,2016

1. Security and Anonymity

Young Enterprises Media GmbH (the operator of and the SchoolFox application, hereinafter referred to as “SchoolFox”), based in Liechtensteinstraße 25 / DG, 1090 Vienna, attaches great importance to the issue of security and tries everything in its own right in order to prevent unauthorized access to data entrusted to users. Technical security measures such as SSL encryption and firewalls, combined with a differentiated system of access rights, guarantee the highest possible data security.

The data transferred to other members within the framework of the SchoolFox profile are linked to the user-selected real name. In the case of a parent profile, the e-mail address chosen as an emergency contact and the telephone number for the teacher are also displayed. Contact with others is done via an internal communication tool, named the Message Center.

2. General Information

By registering, the user allows the collection, processing and use of the personal data by SchoolFox or by a third service provider on behalf of and by SchoolFox on the basis of the following data protection regulations. User’s consent is logged by SchoolFox.

At any time, the user has the right to revoke all or part of the consent to the use of his data described in detail below. In addition, he has the right to object to the use of his anonymous or pseudonymized data.

For cancellation please send an e-mail in which the e-mail address used during registration is specified to

3. Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Data

A distinction is made between the following beneficiary groups: teachers, parents, pupils and other related persons. They differ in terms of authorization to use some functions.

In order to provide the services described in the TOS by SchoolFox, it is necessary to collect, process and use personal data that the user makes in particular during the registration process or when completing his profile.

Personal data are individual details of personal or factual circumstances of a particular or identifiable natural person.

In the course of the free registration, the user is requested to provide certain information without which registration and the subsequent verifying of his address cannot be completed.

The following data are provided by the user during registration:

  • Title
  • Real Name (First and last name)
  • E-Mail Address
  • Password (Selected by user)
  • Relationship to Referenced Student
  • Parental Status

Access to and the SchoolFox application is made via the login data, which is composed of the e-mail address and the password defined by the user.

After registration and e-mail verification, the user can optionally specify or create the following data:

  • Emergency Telephone Number 1
  • Emergency Telephone Number 2

Teachers place their own students in the system and must provide the following student data:

  • Gender
  • First Name
  • Last Name

After completing the student profile, teachers and parents can optionally specify or create the following student data:

  • Date of Birth
  • School Grade
  • Residential Address
  • Free Text Field for Adding Notes

The profile of a user is visible only to those users who are connected to it via a parent code. This includes the class teacher of the pupil and other teachers who have access to the student profile, as well as other parents and self-defined users of the parents’ profile.

With each access to or the SchoolFox application, usage data are transmitted and stored in log files. These data are:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address of the accessing computer
  • Mobile phone and operating system
  • Browser type and version
  • User identification at
  • Name of the retrieved page
  • Date and time of retrieval
  • Referrer URL
  • Data transferred
  • Status message about whether the retrieval was successful
  • Session identification number

In the login records, the following usage data are stored each time the user logs into the platform:

  • Date and time of logins
  • User identification on the platform
  • IP address
  • Session cookies number
  • Session identification number

These data are automatically collected for the provision of the SchoolFox service to the user.

4. Purpose Binding

Personal data is collected primarily to provide users with a secure, smooth, efficient, and personalized use of SchoolFox. Primarily these data are used for the following:

  • Provision of the services requested by the user adaptation, and measurement and improvement of the performance of SchoolFox and its contents.
  • Notification of SchoolFox’s services, marketing activities and promotions (as long as they are permitted under privacy agreement and have been granted the required consent)
  • Prevention, detection, and correction of any prohibited or illegal activities and enforcement of the terms and conditions of SchoolFox, dispute settlement and problem resolution.

5. Transfer of Personal Data to Third Parties

At SchoolFox no sale, exchange, or any other unauthorized transmission of personal data and information to third parties for commercial purposes takes place. SchoolFox only passes on personal data from users to third parties if and insofar as the user has given his consent to this, or where SchoolFox is obliged to do so as a result of statutory regulations or official orders.

Third parties are not external service providers of SchoolFox who provide services in the name and order of SchoolFox. These include, for example, host providers, payment providers, debt collection companies or SchoolFox-appointed email or newsletter distributors for sending emails/newsletters from SchoolFox.

SchoolFox uses the list provider MailChimp or similar services to send the newsletter. MailChimp processes the data exclusively for and on behalf of SchoolFox (service provider); There is no data processing by MailChimp for their own purposes. When the user subscribes to our newsletter, the data entered during the newsletter registration (that is, real name and the e-mail address) will be transmitted to MailChimp and stored there. After logging in directly through the newsletter, the user receives an e-mail to confirm his registration (“double opt-in”). If you register with the newsletter in the course of creating a user account, the confirmation for the newsletter registration is part of the confirmation via the creation of the user account. MailChimp offers comprehensive analysis options on how the newsletters are opened and used. These analyzes are group-specific and are not used by SchoolFox for individual evaluation of individual users. Further information about MailChimp can be found at:

6. Creation of Pseudonymous User Profiles for Web Analysis

SchoolFox will conduct analyses of the behavior of its users as part of the use of its service and will create anonymous or pseudonymized usage profiles for this purpose. These data are stored within the scope of the EU Data Protection Directive. The purpose of creating user profiles is to make SchoolFox service more efficient, secure and user-friendly.

7. Use of Cookies

SchoolFox uses “cookies” for the purpose of carrying out its services. A cookie is a text file that is either stored temporarily in the computer’s memory (“session cookie”) or stored on the hard disk (“permanent cookie”). Cookies include e.g. information about the previous accesses of the user to the corresponding server or information about which offers have been called so far. Cookies are not used to run programs or to download viruses to your computer. The main purpose of cookies is to provide a service specifically tailored to the user and to make the use of the service as convenient as possible.

SchoolFox uses session cookies and plans to use partner and affiliate cookies.

SchoolFox plans to use partner and affiliate cookies, provided that a user accesses the SchoolFox services through an external advertising space. These cookies are used for the settlement with the co-operation partner and do not contain any personal data of the user.

The user has the possibility at any time to reject the use of cookies. This is usually done by choosing the corresponding option in the browser settings or by using additional programs. For more information, see the help function of the browser used by the user. If the user opts for the exclusion of cookies, this may, however, reduce the scope of the service and may adversely affect the use of the SchoolFox services.

8. Information about Stored Data

The user has the right at any time to request information about the data stored by him/her at SchoolFox, as well as about their origin, the purpose of the storage and the recipient to whom the data are passed on. This information is free of charge and is provided in writing.

The request for information must be sent in writing and signed by hand, accompanied by a copy of the ID card, to the following address: Young Enterprises Media Gmbh, Liechtensteinstraße 25 / DG, 1090 Vienna.

9. Deletion and Correction of Data

When the account is closed, the associated personal data will be deleted. SchoolFox stores the data described as long as is required by law. It is possible that SchoolFox retains certain data even after the account has been closed. However, this does not lead to restrictions on the right to close an account.

10. Verification of Personal Data

To protect against people who abuse SchoolFox’s Internet services, SchoolFox uses various automated monitoring tools to analyze sample-based activities on the platform and check the user’s plausibility, without SchoolFox being legally obliged to do so. Certain strings or logins of different users, which seem to originate from a computer, for example, can lead to the blocking of suspicious activities.

11. Current State of Technology

The user is aware, according to the current state of the technology, that data protection for data transmissions on the Internet is not yet fully guaranteed. In particular, e-mails do not constitute a secure communication, because the “reading” of content cannot be ruled out technically. SchoolFox is not responsible for this, and the user bears responsibility for the security of the data he/she transmits to the Internet.

12. Disclaimer

SchoolFox has no influence on the observance of the data protection regulations by the operators of external websites and services of third parties and cannot assume liability for compliance with the data protection regulations by the operators of linked sites. SchoolFox does not under any circumstances, own the content of external websites or files linked by SchoolFox or users.

13. Newsletter

The user agrees that SchoolFox will send him product information about SchoolFox within the scope of the gratuitous and, if applicable, of the paid contractual relationship. Newsletters as well as information on the products and services of partner companies will only be sent to the user if they so wish. If the user no longer in agreement with the delivery, he/she can object to it at any time. At the end of each e-mail/newsletter there is a clear indication of the possibility of unsubscribing along with a corresponding link. In addition, the user can also deactivate the newsletter delivery in the user account settings.